Ohnell Technology provides customer focused, reliable consulting, with structural engineering and technical development as our core expertise.


We provide expert services in:


  • Structural Analyses
  • Project Management


Structural Analyses


In the field of structural analyses, we excel in:


  • Structural strength calulations
  • Fatigue evaluations
  • NVH
  • Linear and non-linear structural statics and dynamics, using implicit or explicit FE-code according to client requirements or by our recommendation.
  • Numerical, structural optimizations
  • Blast analyses
  • Dropped object analyses
  • Buckling analyses (linear and non-linear)
  • Thermal analyses


Our personnel is proficient in a number of different finite element softwares, meaning we can use any software preferred by our clients. In addition, we can advise our clients in which softwares are best suited for any given task.


Design codes we work with include, among others, DnV, ABS, Eurocode, and Norsook, as well as designing by means of experience and engineering judgement.


Project Management


Ohnell Technology offers project management services, such as leading design or project development teams. Our staff are senior engineers with lead engineer experience.


Our customers are mainly, but not exclusively, in the Automotive, Offshore, and Oil/Gas industries.